Heart Centering Review


Welcome to the review! This practice of Heart Centering is a powerful way to integrate the gains of meditation rapidly into our daily lives and our moment to moment experience. In order to come to know the depths of the heart space, we will take you through a guided process to explore in our own awareness the various layers of our existence.


So first, we must review the big picture of consciousness and review the various layers or levels of our multidimensional human existence. Please start with the review below.

Consciousness -The Basics

Heart Centering
Guided Contemplation

Below is a review of the process by which we come to know the layers of our existence in the heart space. It is not the practice of Heart Centering. It is the way we become familiar with the heart space and what lies beyond the mental/emotional level. We are doing this exploration so that we can just go to the higher levels within the heart space during our day in the Heart Centering practice.


For this Heart Centering Guided Contemplation, just allow yourself to be in a comfortable place where you can close your eyes and just listen and contemplate your experience at each level.

After Finishing the Guided Contemplation

Reside in the Heart Center. This is the core of the heart, the center of the heart. This is the gateway to our essence, our being. This is where the joy of being resides. This is where love resides. This is the true heart. And this is always available to you. This will always be there for you.


If you put your attention on the center of the heart, and don’t experience it immediately, just layer down to it. If you are having trouble getting there, then enter from the back of the heart, not the front.


The more we experience the heart’s center, the more we will come to know our true self, the more intuition will become clear and the more we will come into acceptance, peace and love and the more we will connect with the source of love.   


Understand that at times we drop into the heart center and experience the Intuitive Plane and the Spiritual Plane and Being all at once. At times we experience the bliss and the love immediately. Other times we experience more the peacefulness and spaciousness. At other times, just Being. However it comes, we let go of the mind and just come to the center of the heart and experience and enjoy what is there. Now be with that for a little while and let this be something you do periodically throughout your day. 



“Put the mind in the heart …. ”

            — From the Philokalia (Eastern Orthodox text)


  • Center your awareness in the heart space. This is simply turning our attention to the space below the mid-sternum and in front of the spine. Don’t expect to feel emotion or love. Just let the awareness be in this space. Notice what happens with your thinking as you center. Notice what happens with your perception. Remember that we are simply shifting our awareness, not trying to experience any particular thing. Whatever happens for you, honor it. 


  • Understand we are wanting to go beyond the mental/emotional level. So allow yourself to experience the expansiveness of this space beyond emotions and thoughts. If you have trouble experiencing this space (i.e.,getting lost in emotion), then attend to the back of the heart and the physical back behind the heart. Or imagine going “under” the emotion. 


  • Let go and experience whatever comes with your attention here. Your experience will vary from time to time. Sometimes it will be peaceful. Sometimes it will be pleasant. Sometimes it will feel like lively energy. Sometimes it will be warm and loving. Whatever it is, just notice it and be with it. 


  • Do this periodically throughout the day with your eyes open. Learn to operate, to talk, to work with your awareness centered in the heart space more often. Gradually it will become more of a habit, but for now do not strain — just remember several times a day to shift your awareness here.

Common Problems In
Heart Centering

Take It Easy

It is not required that you concentrate and keep your awareness in the heart space every moment of every day. Just keep going and get in the habit of periodically turning your attention to the heart space. Then all will unfold naturally.


Take it easy, be well and ENJOY!